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Topic: Object by this Friday 13th, or suffer 47 planes an hour at 2,000 feet over your heads.
Posted by: Rosco White
Date/Time: 10/09/19 19:29:00

If you haven’t already responded to Heathrow’s Consultation on a Third Runway, please send a short email message by Friday 13 September 2019 to from your home postal address, saying for example a simple  “I am opposed to the expansion of Heathrow Airport “

And adding one or more of the following that affect you:-

It would bring many more planes over where I live

It would bring many more planes over where I work

There would be aircraft noise overhead all the time, every day

I would be woken every morning by aircraft noise from 6am

It would cause increased pollution over the London area

The air quality where I and my family live would be reduced from its present already poor level

I have asthma and the increased pollution caused by more aircraft would make it worse

It would cause the destruction of Harmondsworth and Longford villages

Over 750 homes would have to be demolished, and many more homes would become uninhabitable because of the noise and pollution

It will alter the character of the whole of West London when the airport takes over all the land it says it needs for the third runway and associated airport use

I will not be able to get on to the already overcrowded Piccadilly Line trains for my commute to and from work

Any other comments you may wish to raise yourself and, of course, use your own wording and circumstances.

And not to mention of course the drastic devaluation of your home if you're lucky enough to own one, after working hard all your life.

Please note that The Department for Transport will take account of the actual number of responses, so it is important that we should all send our own response.   If you have neighbours or friends who share the same concerns, do please pass this message on to them ASAP..

And then pat yourself on the back for getting off your backside and actually doing something - Strength In Numbers and all that folks!     :-)

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