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Topic: Diesel cars
Posted by: N V Brooks
Date/Time: 18/08/19 11:41:00

First off, I declare an interest, I drive a Diesel car a 2018 Euro 6.2d Ford.  Electric and hybrids simply do not have the range that I need and the majority of hybrid engines are simply too big for my needs.

Why are the new, clean Diesel demonised along with the old 'smoking lumps'?

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) recently produced findings based on older data, which claimed that all new diesel cars fail EU NOx emissions standards in real-world driving, this is patently wrong as both ACEA and DEFRA have stated that the monitoring equipment used by ICCT cannot even be calibrated to read the low levels of emissions from Euro 6.2d engines. This standard is mandatory on all new Diesel vehicles from next month (I simply got in early)

DEFRA have even started to replace petrol engines on their own fleet of cars and vans with new Euro 6.2d Diesels as both the emissions and particulates are lower (in some cases by up to 22% on a like-for-like engine).

But still councils 'demonise' all Diesels - why if not simply to raise revenue and treat all Diesels as a nice little earner?

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