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Topic: Mobile phone 'phishing'.
Posted by: N V Brooks
Date/Time: 26/06/19 20:20:00

Evening one and all, just a ‘heads-up’

There is a concerted phishing problem across all UK mobile networks at the moment.

DO NOT click on any link in the message that may receive without validating it with your mobile  operator.

This is a scam text designed to get your details for fraudulent use

It may appear to be from your operator, however the link takes you to a cloned or false log-in page.

If you've entered any details follow the steps below

If you can still log in to your account

    Change the password to your account
    Change your email associated to your account.
    Alert your bank for possible unauthorised account debits and to change text alert messages
    Change passwords/emails on any other accounts that might have the same login information.

    Please forward the text message you have received to 7726. You will not be charged for reporting phishing texts to 7726.

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