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Topic: A Thank You - OWL Updates - and a Request for Help!
Posted by: Suzanne Tanswell
Date/Time: 13/06/19 11:33:00

Ealing OWL is a year old, today! The same is for Hounslow and Hillingdon.

Thank YOU to those of you who have registered and are now part of a growing and informed safety aware community.

Updates from Ealing:

Impact and Focus

OWL messages have targeted just your road or neighbourhood, your Ward or all of Ealing Borough. At times, when needed, messages were sent to all three boroughs in the West Area BCU, Ealing, Hounslow and Hillingdon and for the future there’s an App in development.

Throughout the year, 1400 messages have been published in Ealing and have generated nearly one million emails across the borough.


We’ve increased significantly and exponentially the number of registrations but there are still lots of gaps around Ealing. This is where your help is needed! Can you please help spread the word and tell your neighbours about OWL, your Residents Association, or your place of worship, or coffee group, etc etc. The more residents that receive the OWL alerts, all the more vigilance and increased reporting will take place leading to improved crime prevention.

Free Registration on
Let’s all try to grow this together!


As many of you already know, we have created a BCU-wide CCTV register on OWL. The idea behind this is to help officers investigating a crime interrogate OWL quickly and see if the nearest CCTV sites could help the investigation.

If you have CCTV or a “Ring” door Bell, please get in touch ( and we can add you to that special list with your permission to be contacted by the Police.

Secure, Safe and Compliant

OWL is the official communication database for the Police and Neighbourhood Watch in our West Area BCU.

OWL data is London based under UK/EU jurisdiction. All your details are private and safe. OWL is compliant with GDPR and has earnt “Secured by Design” accreditation gaining national police approval.

OWL has also passed the “Cyber Essentials” assessment required for HM Government contracts.

Counting on you!

Thank you very much!

Suzanne Tanswell
Ealing OWL & Neighbourhood Watch

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