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Topic: Bin Collections
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 23/05/19 18:50:00

The idea of even fewer bin collections in Ealing (currently food weekly. general rubbish and recycling on alternate weeks) is ludicrous.  Under the present system, the big wheelie bins in front of many houses are already overflowing.

Last week I heard the bin men shouting when they got to a house opposite - 'here's another one with more on top' and his mate called to him 'leave it, leave the whole bin.'

Does Ealing Council really think that if they don't collect, the rubbish magically disappears?  It doesn't.  They are encouraging people, they say, not to have cars but how then get rubbish to a the tip miles away, especially for the elderly and disabled?  Can you imagine even getting a cab driver to take you with bags of smelly rubbish?

No, what will happen is that what is already happening in areas such as Ealing where collections have been reduced is that fly tipping will increase.  Councils complain about it, but what are residents to do?  Ealing needs to reassess its priorities and ensure funding for essential services such as bin collections.

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