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Topic: wilkinsons
Posted by: Lisa Smith
Date/Time: 26/03/19 13:24:00

ive been writing on this forum over the years to see if i can find a Danny or johnny Wilkinson  who would be about 74, as ive been researching my family history for years and hes the missing bit of the puzzle never get very far i did speak to an old aunt who spoke to him briefly a few years back and he said he was moving to Northampton but it could of been any name like that. He was born around 1947 mother was Maud Wilkinson and i think his nickname was Chainey or similar he might of been in the fruit and veg trade, the hole in the wall and the halfway house were places that have been mentioned. The wilkinsons were such a big family he must be somewhere. Thankyou for reading this ,it was a long chance . but you never know one day i might get lucky.  Thankyou for listening

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