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Topic: Room for rent needed
Posted by: Cristina Bur
Date/Time: 19/01/16 12:39:00

I was set up to move on the 29th of January. I quit my recent tenancy because I found a nice room in Chiswick.

However my soon-(not)-to be Landlord just called and cancelled my tenancy( due to changes his circumstances...)
I need to find a reasonable (cheap) room for single occupancy ( possible for long term) very soon or I will end up living on the streets.

I am a matured female professional,non smoker, have no pets, calm, quiet, respect and consider others, have my own life but always up for a laugh.
I have references too.

If you have a room to rent please DM me.

Any help highly appreciated!


(PS . sorry for the long story)

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