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Topic: Suspended parking - Ealing
Posted by: Johanne Coker
Date/Time: 11/01/16 09:07:00

We have a crazy situation in The Avenue today, with parking on both sides of the road suspended for a move and filming. The move will, I assume, be over today, but the filming is going to last several weeks.  We have a removal truck parked right across the front of our house, blocking our car in, and given the pressure on parking here even without suspensions, I doubt this will be the last. Does anyone know whether suspension applies to crossovers? I know (or at least I think I know) that you cannot be blocked in, but what is the situation if you cannot get back onto your drive? It would have been nice if they had bothered to knock to see if we needed to move the car. Nice little earner for Ealing, no doubt.

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Suspended parking - Ealing11/01/16 09:07:00 Johanne Coker
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