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Topic: Sick laptop
Posted by: Joy Griffiths
Date/Time: 07/01/16 23:01:00

I've got one too Viv and likewise a complete pain in the whatsits. I can't even log in without several attempts as the keyboard is so unresponsive that certain keys take multiple hits before they work - then there is the sluggishness, the random zooms, all after the automatic updates clashed with Microsoft something or other (which Lenovo sent garbled instructions and were quite shirty with me when I said it was ridiculous to have this problem on a two month old piece of kit).  Steve Bonnici sorted that out for me but with the best will in the world there was only so much he could do as it really was an extremely poor choice of purchase.  So, in short I sympathise!  Good luck I hope you get it resolved. Happy New Year :)

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