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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Threshers Wine Shop - 79 Grantham Road
Posted by: Pamela Mayorcas
Date/Time: 06/01/16 18:35:00

Would be nice to see the people's republic of Hounslow, otherwise known as LBH, to do something about this. I wonder what the Chiswick and Brentford Business Development Officer could have done. Did she even know it existed? Surely LBH could Encourage someone to re-open it as a shop/greengrocer. Yes, it's an eyesore but surely the many residents in the area, including all those in the former Council flats and new builds down by the river, would welcome a local shop? So much for LBH wanting to ensure regeneration. If it's big business, building glass and steel monstrosities along the A4 and all along Chiswick High Road, that's 'good'. But anything that smacks of real local/community engagement? Forget it!!

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