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Topic: Re:Re:Re: All Missed Collections Need Reporting!
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 04/01/16 09:19:00

Thanks for reporting that Anne - I hope that you also reported it to your Councillors when nothing happened.

Without information your Councillors have nothing to contact the Officers and the Contractors about.  Everything will be deemed to by hunky-dory.

Incidentally - is there flexibility in the system to report which of the collections has not been made?

I'm sure the Contractor hopes that the problem will just go away because people get fed up.  This does not help the Council's need to increase recycling and your Councillors and Council Officers need to be holding them to account.

I must have put something in an earlier post about how painful it is for the resident not knowing whether or not there will be the promised collection because I know how painful it is waiting and wondering whether to make alternative arrangements.  This would be exactly the same or even worse with wheelie bins. 

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