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Topic: Re:Re:Bedford Park gates and fences
Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 03/01/16 16:39:00

There is a Lithuanian man who has made brilliant gates in the BP style (and some fences too). I do not know his name save that his workshop is near/next to the Jaguar workshop on Goldhawk Road. I will ask a friend who had a side gate made.

Remember, that if you live in BP you will need planning permission to put up such a fence and. depending on location, will most likely be refused as they are not original. They are very expensive - upwards of 2,000 and need weekly cleaning and almost yearly painting to prevent them rotting at all the joints.

On the other hand, the gates are generally well received - the originals were not painted and it is well worth going round taking photographs of the different designs to help you decide. They too are expensive.

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