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Topic: Chiswick W.I.
Posted by: Anne England
Date/Time: 21/12/15 19:49:00

Following is an extract from front page story about Chiswick W.I.

'But while they are often regarded as representative of the 'backbone' of English women, the Women's' Institute members are by no means shrinking violets. It was during the WI annual conference in 2000 that Tony Blair was heckled by members who told him in no uncertain terms what they thought of his attempt to present Labour party as the party of traditional values in a changing world.

“The WI has always been renowned for its vigorous campaigning…you have a formidable reputation for standing your ground and showing just what can be achieved when people come together to get things done” said Theresa May, Home Secretary in 2014.

The Chiswick WI say that members will be part of a diverse friendly group of women of varying ages and life experiences, learning and participating in different crafts. It is a very good way for women to meet other like-minded individuals and they are very welcoming to newcomers.'

Question: Does it help if you are right-leaning by any chance?

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