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Topic: Chiswick Town Manager
Posted by: Brian Boothby
Date/Time: 18/12/15 10:03:00

So the Chiswick Town Centre Manager is off to pastures new leaving behind pastures that have seen little growth. When the appointment was made I had hopes that the regeneration improvements of the past would be continued. These were directed then by Patrick Arthur's who had town planning qualifications. He regularly consulted with Traders, The Police and Resident's Groups about proposals to improve our street scene. Indeed he included design ideas from those who had ideas for our local environment. Examples are the paved area at the head of Chiswick Lane where there was once a dangerous slip road, the landscaping at the Hogarth sculpture, the curved steps near Devonshire Rd and the tree planting along that part of the road. Sadly, little has happened since he left LBH.

In Chiswick there is a gap between THE WAY THINGS ARE and THE WAY THINGS COULD BE. I regard this as a DESIGN GAP.. I wrote to Rachel Victor-Sampson about this soon after she was appointed. I received a reply that she would look into it. Then nothing.

I attended the Chiswick Area Forum at which she was invited to speak. Her reply to questions left me depressed. Here was a manager who was happy to pass the buck to other LBH departments and avoid taking action herself.

I hope the post will be re-advertised with a much more rigorous job specification so that someone will be employed with experience in creative thinking (Architecture, Design, Art, Engineering). A person who can solve problems and more importantly, have the authority to carry them out as Patrick Arthur's did.

Unfortunately we currently have leaders at LBH who, in my opinion, are visually illiterate. The have happily imposed ugly grey wheeliebinson our properties where we have no front gardens stating that we must move our potted plants since they, in their words "are purely cosmetic". Such is their regard for Chiswick.

The environment in which we live and work can add so much to our well being if it is well designed. The architect Lord Rogers has spoken and written often about this. His scheme for the Chiswick Business Park with splendid landscaping is good evidence.

There are many well qualified and interested traders and residents in Chiswick. Hopefully the new Town Manager will liaise and consult with us in a meaningful way. This is an important job.

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