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Topic: Re:Wheelies in Chiswick
Posted by: Bernard Allen
Date/Time: 17/12/15 13:18:00

My Area in Chiswick has received a letter from Amirt Mann this morning.

Apparently the 140 litre wheelie bin will be delivered to my home in January 2016.

These bins hold two to three black sacks, sufficient for a family of Five who recycle.

There is a second part of the letter entitled “A Cleaner, Greener Borough” there is an interesting paragraph included  within it.

I quote” The introduction of the wheelie bin collection service is a Boroughwide policy decision made by Councillors. We cannot accept appeals where residents simply do not wish to have a bin.

Looks as the Deputy Leader of the Council is passing the the buck for the decision to use wheelie bins.

If you think your property is not suitable, contact us by the 4th January 2016 and we will revisit your home. Email:  or call us 020 8583 2189 . the final decision lies with the council . 

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