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Topic: Re:Spectator Christmas edition...
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 13/12/15 12:38:00

Bleedin' Nora – Tory boys still crowing about the election! 

This loada “Balls” is exactly the sort of forum twaddle that reminds me of that other public enemy number 1 - Michael Portillo.   Didn't he turn out to be rather a nice bloke???.

Actually Ed's piece is hardly  a feature – just a single page, rather gentle, quite well written and mildly self-deprecating recipe.  It also reveals that Mr Balls seems to have shrugged off his political disappointment, is happy and relaxed -  and is currently enjoying life,  teaching at King's College.  Good for him.

Meanwhile there's plenty of far more important reading to be had in this Xmas Speccy (recommended)..

For instance, this morning I learned why all the blackbirds in our December garden are banana-orange beaked males.

(Answer:-  It's all about sex, war, estate agents  and property values.  Whilst the bikini-clad ladies are all sunning themselves in places like Spain, the boys stay back to fight and scrap for the prime locations – in order to be first in the queue when the girls finally put away their sunglasses and  finally return to these shores ready and willing to make babies.)

sweet innit!

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