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Topic: Re:Parking Horticultural Place
Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 13/12/15 10:42:00

" a sign has recently been attached to the same pole saying theres no parking on the single yellow line between 8.30 and 6.30 every day. I thought that parking  on a single yellow were determined by the restrictions for the whole zone."

In a parking zone, the yellow lines operate to the hours indicated on the zone entry signs, unless different times are indicated on signs above the yellow line.  The yellow signs at the entry to Horticultural Place show the different times, and there is one repeater sign half way along the street.

However, the signage is not very clear.  The yellow signs on the zone boundary don't have an arrow to show which side of the boundary they apply to, and there is no yellow mark across the line to indicate where the times change.  (The Heathfield Terrace side operates 7am to 7pm.)

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