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Topic: Think Globally; Act Locally
Posted by: Joy Skinner
Date/Time: 12/12/15 17:55:00

These words, originally meant to inspire Town Planners, were quoted by a Bishop on the Thought For The Day programme this week - in a week which has seen Climate Change identified as the greatest threat to the existence of future generations of humans on this planet. The  catastrophic floods in the Lake District have given us some idea of what is to come. We have also been warned of probable power cuts this winter and of the disastrous air quality in London.

As some of you may have noticed, we have been forced to remove our solar panels despite our on-line petition to retain them, signed by over 700 people, and our poll of local people, showing 166 in favour of the panels against 2 Council supporters.The chief reason for their removal was that they were said not to “preserve and enhance" Chiswick Lane South' - something we never suggested they were intended to do. Our argument was that they were necessary as a contribution to switching to renewable sources of energy. They were no more permanent than the ever increasing traffic signs necessitated by the automobile.  In fact, they protected the inferior quality brick wall, built in response to the 1945 housing crisis, on which they were fixed. In the event, that other better sources of renewable energy were to be developed in the future they could be removed in a few hours.

I would like to ask the Council just what they have ever done to enhance' Chiswick Lane South? In fact the Council, quite unnecessarily, allows huge continental lorries to lumber noisily down Church St, along Chiswick Mall to the junction with Chiswick Lane South where they turn, sometimes knocking over bollards,to thunder up the Lane, often parking across three residents' spaces and sometimes staying over night and starting up very early in the morning, waking up the local residents.The Council have recently replaced the yellow motorway lights with even worse white fluorescent ones and have long ago taken up all the York paving, replacing it with tarmac strips and concrete paving stones that are all cracked and set unevenly, causing me twice to fall headlong, once breaking two bones in my hand, which has never properly recovered.Recently Council officials killed a part of the flowering hedge I have planted and maintained for the last 20 years.

The Council has done NOTHING to enhance Chiswick Lane South and has much that does. Even more surprising is the role of the OCPS which has been vociferous in opposing our solar Panels but also has NOTHING to say about how the Council treats Chiswick Lane South even though both they and the Council proclaim it to be part of The Old Chiswick Conservation Area which should be " preserved and enhanced".

As for ourselves, now in our eighties, we are sad to see our efforts to contribute to the survival of all our descendants end in such a depressing fiasco.

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