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Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 07/12/15 12:24:00

You can get 2TB Seagate usb drive for around 50. Ive got 2 and the chance of failure is pretty slim. You can get 2 for around 100 these days. Just back up to both and job done. On-line storage for me is only good if you do not have the storage yourself and you need to access it from any gadget on the move any time.

If you are not the worried type then plenty of free online storage around from china. 50TB free from IT giant Tencent Weiyun who have a whopping 300 million subscribers and comes cross platform.

Best way if wanting cloud Storage is to get your own over your own network and pay no more money in rip off storage plans. The pricing for cloud storage these days is just a complete con.

Found this deal 2TB for Promo Price: 59.99 which gives you another option of getting 2 and use one as a backup for 120 or get one and another standard 2tb USB drive for around 60 as the backup.


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