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Posted by: Alastair Banton
Date/Time: 05/12/15 10:23:00

I've been signed up to Netflix for a while.  Absolutely loved Breaking Bad and Homeland up to the end of season 4.  (Neglected to put my machine onto record season 5, so will have to wait for that).  Also saw House of Cards a long time ago.

Very disappointed by Better Call Saul - gave up after about three episodes.  Narcos seemed to start well, but is too blokeish for my taste - I like the strong female characters in BrBa and Homeland - so soon gave up.  I'll give Fargo a try.

Movie-wise there seems to be a lot available, but either I've seen them or I've not heard of them.  'The Babadook' was an exception, truly excellent I thought.  A very superior and intelligent horror flick.  Why it didn't get wider cinema distribution is a mystery to me.  Any 'If you liked Babadook, you'll love ...' type recommendations, very welcome! 

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