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Topic: Re:Anyone selling a 5 seater car?
Posted by: Matt Long
Date/Time: 04/12/15 19:57:00

Hi there. I'm a building surveyor by trade. But have a joint interest in a Business in Norfolk which specialises in Citroen Cars.

If there is anything of interest here: Something like the 2012 C3 Picasso diesel is a cracking little family run around. I think it's 30 per year tax too!

Let me know, there are a few on there that I can probably let you have at near cost! and deliver it to Chiswick area too...

If not there is a Year 2000 Honda Civic Auto for sale for 500 in our estate (Watchfield court Chiswick) it's only done 42,000 Miles. But does have several scratches and marks being a 15 year old car. I know the owner well. He's had it many years. Might be ok as a get by.

07950 201535


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