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Topic: Reporting for duty
Posted by: Brian Boothby
Date/Time: 04/12/15 18:04:00

W. Bin 140L reporting for duty. I am one of the occupying force invading from the west. Our special agents have spied on your lands and have your details. You may have no front garden but you have to make space for me to stand on your property. Move your potted plants they are deemed "purely cosmetic". In my dull Council livery I am to remain like a sentry on your domain. I come with orders. ...You must...Make sure...We will not...We will monitor.

At Hounslow Headquarters the officers in their plotting room have prepared their battle plans. Our marshals have dictated "We do not have to listen to those in the east nor need we respond to them." We have our strategy and targets in place. Opposition will not be tolerated. Any active reaction will be quashed. Our Group Leader will instantly call on the Reserve Force - the men in blue. They will ruthlessly respond and put down any uprising.

We are the WHEELIES.
Our ugliness will degrade you cared for facades.
In our battleship grey

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