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Topic: Re:Good Home Wanted
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 30/11/15 21:36:00

Hi, just wanted to say that a little more info might be helpful for people wanting to adopt - eg

What is the reason for wanting to rehome the cat (any potential rehomers would want to know that)

Does she get on with other cats/dogs?

If there is not a quick response from someone willing to take her and from whom you think the cat would have a happy life, have you tried the local rehoming organisations?  See the Lost Black Cat post on this site and messages below. 

Please act quickly, as per the post I made on the Black Cat post rescue organisations generally take fewer animals over Christmas and in the weeks before and after.  If you or whoever you posted this for can keep the cat until the home is found, organisations such as The Mayhew Animal Home will visit you and take full details. may need to do some vet checks,  and after discussion with you will post the information on their website, visited by thousands and send the details to the thousands of subsribers to their newsletters if you are prepared to allow potential adopters who have been pre-screened by this wonderful charity to view the cat in your home. 

That way the cat is not traumatised (and at less chance of picking up potentially lethal infections) by going into cat kennels (although the Mayhew has very nice cat accommodation) and you can meet potential adoptees. 

Unfortunately - or otherwise for lucky future animals -  the Mayhew is currently expanding its charity vet clinic so will be closed for a while over the next few weeks, so if you want to talk to them, do it quickly.

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