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Topic: Wheelies and Fire Safety Regs from the Watch Manager
Posted by: Anne England
Date/Time: 25/11/15 13:37:00

To those who have been posting wondering about the fire safety aspect of wheelie bins being placed next to buildings (something which I am not particularly concerned by) I today emailed the and asked whether there was any advice/regulation. I was very impressed to get the following answer back within a few hours. It is not what people may be wanting to hear but hopefully it clarifies the situation somewhat.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Many thanks for your enquiry regarding the refuse collection system and your fire safety concerns.
Unfortunately, as far as our regulatory / enforcement powers are, I am unable to offer any professional assistance in regard to the refuse bins you have been provided with. Sadly, the fire safety legislation does not extend to single private dwellings or their surrounding land.
I can understand your frustrations and concerns, particularly if the bins provided make it difficult to use your property the way you would wish to. When having encountered this in the past, Iím afraid I have only been able to refer people to the local councillor / MP and / or environmental health officer.


My sincere apologies that I canít assist you further, I trust the matter will be amicably resolved in the near future .


Yours sincerely,

Watch Manager Daniel Burrage
Fire Safety Inspecting Officer,
Fire Safety Regulation, SE Area
London Fire Brigade
90 Old Town, Croydon, CR0 1AR

Tel† † † 0208 555 1200† x 37618
Mob† † 07825 996 369

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