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Topic: Washer Dryer - compact
Posted by: Georgiana Eliot
Date/Time: 20/11/15 20:27:00

Hi my washer dryer has gone to appliance heaven and I am neck high in laundry!

I have a compact space which is too small for all the standard machines which are 85 cm high and 60 wide,  I already had a Siemans delivered this week but the depth was too long, it took Laurel and Hardy overan hour to get it in my kitchen and out again (avoid AO)  I'm at my wits end.  I've tried the usual suspects John Lewis,  Currys,  AO,  does anyone,  as a long shot,  know where I might get a compact model?

I need it to fit 84.5 high 59 width depth 50-54.


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