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Topic: Re:Windows 10 problem
Posted by: Iris Hill
Date/Time: 19/11/15 20:26:00

Sony were due to issue drivers in the autumn and were recommending that users not upgrade to WIn 10 until then. Brendan - I am amazed that you were able to call MS to resolve a problem - they generally charge for that service. I suspect this might be beyond Fuselodge's expertise - Win 10 problems are only very lately coming to light. There was an issue with a Windows update which sent it into an endless loop of reboots. As a home user you are not able to stop automatic updates. If yours is an older machine, then there might be an incompatibility with some of the hardware or there might not be new Win 10 drivers available for some of it.If you are in the first month of your Win 10 upgrade, then you can roll back to whatever you had (Win 7/8) if you can get into recovery mode. There are guides on the net about this. I think you will need someone like Steve at Chiswick Computers who will probably have met a good number of Win 10 problems from early adoptors

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