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Topic: Re:Wheelie Bins have been rolled out in Brentford
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 18/11/15 19:23:00

It gets funnier.
I'm in the midst of discussions with LBH Waste and recycling regarding the proposed arrival of 2 wheelie bins on Dec 2nd.
" it is true that my house is semi- detached and that there is a narrow path along the side leading to a studio which is not owned by me.
According to our Title Deeds the owner of the studio may not deposit anything upon my property and I must not obstruct or impede the right of way. The owner of the studio would therefore be obliged to put the bin in his back garden and then drag it across polished floorboards, rugs and round the furniture before going down a flight of steps, along a narrow 65ft path and round 2 tight corners and through the front gate to the pavement. This is clearly not practical."
Reply. "Thank you for making this more clear to us. Could you let us know how many flats there are in the house and studio."
" Thank you for your enquiry. There are no flats in the house. It is single occupancy and the studio is a single room for a maximum of 2 people."
No reply to that yet.

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