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Topic: Re:Re:Cynthia Payne RIP
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 18/11/15 14:02:00

..great call Jim lad!!

Madame Cyn was a marvellous character!  Not only harmless, she spread damp sheet-loads of joy throughout her multi-colourful life...

Not exactly an atypical “W4” sort of lady (note lack of response)  - Cynthia Payne was a thorough lady nonetheless.  Not only did she look after the simple needs of countless old buggers – she also took great care of her girls – made sure they were all well fed - paid them decent wages – and (even more important) kept them off the streets.

The Old Bill's attitude to Cynthia (the second trial was a complete farce) was about as useless and pompous as only the Old Bill can be about such ridiculously innocuous and  innocent matters...

just like the glorious Jeffrey Bernard – this country needs her like and she'll be sorely missed..

bless her cotton socks..

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