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Topic: Smartwater Kits needed in Chiswick?
Posted by: Jim Lawes
Date/Time: 18/11/15 00:37:00

The Times newspaper reports of a successful Police Sting in Haringay, North London which caught a car thief. 'He was the first person to be convicted by a high tech
Security system after breaking into a car and being doused in special water...called Smartwater.

It's an invisible traceable liquid that is impossible to wash off. UV lights showed the thief's hands glowing green with the indelible spray.

Apparently the Met Police are distributing these kits to crime hotspot areas...and they report a 42% reduction in residential burglary in areas with the technology.

Reading theft reports on this Forum over the years one wonders whether Chiswickians should be asking for these kits.

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