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Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 15/11/15 21:17:00

Well done, Georgina, it is great to see public spiritness.  As France for many reasons of which you are of course aware including a far greater number of people who have fought with Islamic State including apparently the ones who carried out the bombings, and is one of the prime world targets for Islamic state, there would be not as much point in targeting it if people including a lot of tourists were more cautious.

So although they will of course target the UK, and I am very sorry for Parisians and Parisian visitors who got the effects of this hate-cult first,  it just might mean they target Paris more than London as they already have if public spirit people like you volunteer to attract their fire rather than them bringing it to the UK.  Paris of course needs to gear up far more than it has done - it seems it didn't learn much after the Charlie Hebdo bombings. The UK says it is more protected - I hope they are right.

Have a lovely trip.

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