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Topic: F.O.I.
Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 12/11/15 17:50:00

Last chance to get your views on the government's threatened watering down of the Freedom of Information Act in. Without the FOI the scandal of M.P's exes, tax dodging in the U.K. and the appalling spending on management consultants and the failed NHS IT farce would have never come to light.

Certainly locally it has proved to be an eye opener and extremely useful on several occasions - so if you care about getting to the truth of what our 'betters' are up to you need to get your views in by the end of November 20th at:

As 'Private Eye' notes it costs 9m for central government to operate the FOI which they claim is a 'burden' on public authorities but central government has spent 290m on advertising in 2014/15 alone.

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