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Topic: Re:Bus driver changes
Posted by: Sarah Bucknill
Date/Time: 09/11/15 17:13:00

Simon, I do SO agree with you. On Saturday I was on a 94 bus that stopped before Goldhawk Road station for a change of driver but there was no driver so we waited while the 'old' driver sat in the driving seat.  After around 7/8 minutes another 94 drove up behind and our driver said that we could have a ticket to change to the other bus.  We duly trouped out clutching our pieces of paper but... the next bus was also due a change of driver so we were not allowed on!   We then all waited in the cold until a 3rd bus turned up about 5/6 minutes after the second one.  Once again we were asked to wait as the driver had to hand in some paperwork. He disappeared off to the bus garage and returned 4/5 minutes later and we finally set off while the other two buses still waited.  It was infuriating and inexplicable.  Grr, grr!!

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