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Topic: washing machine palaver
Posted by: Andrew Craig
Date/Time: 08/11/15 12:33:00

the washing machine had been on a cycle for a about 10 mins so the drum is full of water when it blew the fuse on the main circuit board of the house.  I can't set the dial on it  to drain and put the power on again as that blows the fuse too.  In fact any setting on the dial other than stop does this.  There is no manual drain or filter  aperture on the front of the machine and is is wedged in quite tightly to its space so probably need 2 to get it out. It is not a new machine so no warranty or service people to call.
Is there a way to get the door open so at least can get my kit down the launderette whilst maybe thinking of a new machine from tomorrow.
If I can't do it, who is the best to call,  just a handyman to rip the door off ?

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