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Topic: Re:Nice touch QPR.
Posted by: Ken Munn
Date/Time: 08/11/15 08:34:00

There's a very well written book 'The Final Whistle' which traces those players from Rosslyn Park Rugby Club. who died during the great war. Reviews...

“Stephen Cooper has written a haunting and beautiful book. Here we see the grinding slaughter and the everyday humanity of men hurled into the abyss of modern warfare at its most terrible. His book tells the story of men from one rugby club but it is a universal narrative of heroism and loss. He writes superbly and has produced a book of commendable scholarship. I cannot recommend it enough.” – Fergal Keane

“A fresh and fascinating take on the impact of the Great War with a novel and moving focus” – Ian Hislop.

“Having played against Rosslyn Park over the years, you always got the impression of a friendly welcoming club with a great history. This is a book of sadness and beauty about 15 men who lost their lives for their country. People use the word hero to describe sportsmen, but the guys in this book are true heroes. A fantastic and inspiring read from first to last.” Jason Leonard

“A book of stunning quality… a team-full of heartbreaking stories, each going in different and fascinating directions: poignant and powerful.” – Rugby World

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