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Topic: Re:Re:Shameful
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 06/11/15 20:42:00

Adam Clifford @Classwar2015 - Saw this unpleasant, sexist prat being interviewed by The Daily Politics at lunchtime today.  Apparently he left the protest last night because ‘it was boring’ – ie not enough violence. 

He insulted the female journalist on the show, calling her ‘sweetheart ‘ several times and sneering at her, saying she knew nothing  and apparently was extremely insulting to her before they came on air using unrepeatable language. 

He came across as a very angry, out of control young man who probably hated his mother for giving him a rattle that was too small for his huge mouth.   

When challenged by Andrew Neil about why the group threw live fireworks at police horses in attempt to injure and permanently maim them he said ‘Why you talkin about hosses, man, we is talkin about real live people here.’

A really nasty, hardened piece of unpleasantness who will give any cause he is associated with a very bad name. Clearly someone to watch as his unnecessary, directionless and uncontrolled anger is dangerous.

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