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Topic: Talk Talk
Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 31/10/15 17:50:00

Well I know they have my contact details (home phone) as I am getting calls every day and sometimes twice a day.  As the calls take several seconds to connect I simply replace the receiver.  One even said "this is a UK call from Talk Talk.  How are you ma'am?"  I am now leaving the call to go into ansaphone and they then ring off.

They will obviously have my address as well and perhaps the Lloyds bank details from where the direct debit it taken.  We do not have telephone banking but this is the account that I use for internet shopping and people like Amazon do 'one stop click' shopping where they have your credit card details.

Our main banking is with a completely different bank and no details of that bank are stored anywhere on my computer.  When we contacted them, just in case, we were reassured that our account would be monitored for the next year by their fraud squad.

Lloyds on the other hand couldn't  have been less interested and saw no reason to monitor the account.

What I would like to know is whether it is likely that the Lloyds details could be gleaned through the occasional internet shopping that I do?

Is it also necessary to change the pass words on my email accounts?  Such a pain trying to remember all of them as each account has a different password.

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