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Topic: Re:Re:Traffic in Chiswick today
Posted by: Andy Rooney
Date/Time: 29/10/15 13:38:00

I think Carl's right that the main issue, at least for the eastbound High Road, is the road works and temporary lights at the junction with Goldhawk Road.  It's not helped by the bizarre way they've sequenced the temporary lights, so that east and westbound traffic on the high road get their own separate phases.  Add that to the loss of the filter due to the work, and the capacity from the high road to Goldhawk Road has effectively been cut by two thirds.

Add to that the everyday fact that the combination of the Chiswick Lane lights, the bus gate and the pedestrian crossing by the bus garage is set up to favour Chiswick Lane, to the extent that in anything like heavy volume only one or two eastbound vehicles on the High Road get through on each cycle, and it's no wonder the High Road is at a standstill.  Yesterday I just missed a bus outside the Roebuck, so I walked east, overtook it on foot, and got on it at the stop opposite Latymer school.

The message seems to be, avoid the eastbound High Road at all costs, get down to the A4 and use either Chiswick Lane or Rivercourt Road to get back to King Street

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