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Topic: Chiswick Bitter Going Seasonal
Posted by: Paul Pryce
Date/Time: 27/10/15 17:37:00

Very disappointed to read in the newsletter that Chiswick Bitter will only be available on a seasonal basis from now on. There doesn't seem to be any firm indication of when it will actually be available. It has been my pint of choice for the last few years now as I am increasingly unable to cope the next day with the effect of higher ABV beers. If meeting friends I always tried to direct them to a pub with Chiswick Bitter but if it is not going to be guaranteed to be there I'm not going to be voting for the pubs that used to stock it anymore.

I know most pubs now stock a selection of lower ABV beers including pale ales but they can be indifferent and more expensive than Chiswick.

It seems a strange decision and the interesting point that someone put to me was that it could be a preliminary to the sale of the site by the river that must be worth a fortune. The Chiswick brand would be a bit of an embarrassment if the Chiswick site was being sold off for flats.

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