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Topic: Re:Re:Vodafone signal
Posted by: Mark Proctor
Date/Time: 26/10/15 13:45:00

I was too, it was driving me nuts. The signal would cycle in and out, and cut me out mid call. It went on for weeks (possible months, I think). I'd go into the vodafone store and ask about it, they'd look at the map and say it was all OK. After walking out of the store, I walked across the green by the church and I could see the signal cycling down to low and back up again.

My contract has run out and I was about to change suppliers, but Vodafone just recently got better - as in I've not noticed it being a problem.

So now I'm trying to decide on whether to stay with Vodafone or move to Three. I'm tempted with Three due to the global tariffs.

The coverage Maps don't help, as clearly the Vodafone one is not accurate. It claims 4G coverage all over Richmond, and for anyone who has walked down the highstreet or along the river, know that you are lucky to get 3G, and typically it's E or GPRS.


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