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Topic: Donating blood
Posted by: Curzon Tussaud
Date/Time: 25/10/15 09:38:00

I've been giving blood at Chiswick Town Hall for a good many years now, but I do feel a brilliant service is badly let down by poor backroom skills. It annoys me very much that if they can email and text me, why do they set up the system so that replies aren't possible? Recently I did not donate owing to the beginnings of a cold on the day. Because you can't reply to their emails or texts, I simply missed my appointment.
As there was a national shortage of my blood group, they then texted me saying an "operative" would be in touch shortly. "Shortly" turned out to be a week later. I said I was willing to donate at Margaret Street W1 as I would be nearby, but that was fully booked, so the suggested I schlep to Tooting or Edgeware. Now I'm not expecting to be collected in a chauffeured limo, but if they want my blood badly why not make it easier for me to find somewhere close at hand, and even better, allow donees to be in touch with their computer.
Rant over, but I've still got my armful inside me, which seems a shame.

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