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Topic: Re:Concert at St Peter's Church, Acton Green
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 20/10/15 22:25:00

Thanks for posting this but which church are we talking about?

Has the Church which is on Acton Green and was called St Alban's Church been renamed at St Peter's?  Or is the concert you mention at the current St Peter's which is on the corner of the top end of St Alban's Avenue and Southfield Road, opposite Southfield Playing Fields and about a 15 minute walk to Acton Green?

It is important as when we advertised a concert at St Peter's recently a lot of people were late as they thought it was the one that was called St Albans on Acton Green and by the time they realised their mistake the concert at St Peter's on the corner of Southfield Road and St Albans Avenue was well underway,

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