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Topic: Edward Snowden is a US/NSA† Shill/Actor
Posted by: Michael Brown
Date/Time: 20/10/15 18:58:00

This short documentary, outing Snowden, has been produced by MCB News, exclusively for readers.

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Edward Snowden is a Fake

The mainstream media are notorious for disseminating government lies as truth, so we shouldnít accept any of their news stories as fact before checking the evidence; but when the MSM puts out a story where it is claimed that sensitive government information has been made public by a whistleblower, even sceptics can be fooled if they forget that the MSM are there to disseminate false government information whilst covering up the truth of sensitive information. For instance, you never hear about the scientific evidence appertaining to 9/11, released by Dr. Judy Wood, on the MSM because it totally disproves the official story, and her findings are considered to be sensitive information. When the results of her research showed that the Twin Towers were destroyed by directed free-energy weaponry, she found that another scientist, Dr. Steven Jones, was trying to steer her away from her findings despite leading a 9/11 truth movement. This is the same guy that the U.S. government used to quash the development of another free-energy discovery, being cold fusion; not a coincidence, but a demonstration of how governments hire a shill to willingly surrender information that many people would consider to be sensitive information in order to cover-up the very sensitive information and/or mislead the public. Snowden appeared from nowhere to suddenly appear on all of the front pages, and regularly on the mainstream media ever since; and to tell us what? That weíre being spied on?! As if we didnít know. Whilst this has all been bigged up and dramatized, itís not really a big story; and what else has Snowden told us during all this time? Nothing really.

Whilst the circumstantial evidence referred to above doesnít prove that Snowden is a shill, neither can we be sure heís genuine; so letís look further into this: It turns out that a guy by the name of Pierre Omidyar, the owner of the National Security blog, The Intercept, which was holding the NSA documents that Snowden released, helped fund the U.S. led coup of the Ukraine. Now does this sound like a guy/group who would want to do the U.S. government great harm? I don't think so. More about this in the short video below:†

Itís also transpired that Snowden is the cousin of Mark Zuggerberg, owner of Facebook, a social media site used by the CIA to spy on people, and to learn about their behavioural patterns, even testing members on there. The CIAís MK Ultra Mind Control Programme has probably never really ended, and Facebook is the perfect testing ground.

More about the Facebook link and other info in the short video below:†

Finally, hereís a short Snowden video of 2 years ago, reminding us of the psychopaths who are behind these events:

There you have it. Snowden is a shill and another example of the deception used by governments to deceive and control the masses. Never trust their MSM propaganda outlets.†

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