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Topic: Re:Another dog-related question..
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 20/10/15 02:41:00

A dog trainer wouldn't really be able to help with the separation anxiety.  With my tibetan terrier (a breed that is notorious for having it) I had to build up from leaving him in another room for two minutes at a time, then four minutes etc.  It took a couple of years of gradually getting him used to it and building his confidence before I could leave him alone for up to three or four hours.  The dog pheremone stuff - adaptil I think it is called that you can get from the vet - definitely helped.  There are lots of good dog training books and info on the web giving advice to help with recall and general obedience.   Otherwise I believe others on here have recommended Pat Sears and Vicky Carne as dog trainers.  And Richmond Vets has a vet nurse who helps with dog behaviour.  

Well done for getting a rescue dog, we should start a rescue dog owners club in Chiswick!

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