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Topic: What do you know?
Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 19/10/15 14:34:00

I never thought the day would dawn when I would agree wholeheartedly with a pronouncement from OFSTED, but their comments about the so-called 'apprenticeships' being offered to people are spot on. A proper apprenticeship means signing indentures and working as you earn over several years as well as day release or evening study, not the Mickey Mouse 3 weeks to become a road sweeper or work in a shop. They are short term training courses. It also seems to be the case that employment agencies have come up with a scam expecting people to go to a prospective employer and work at least a day for nothing, people complain that when they've done this they are then told they haven't got the job anyway! For a government that keeps banging on about getting people into work they do like to put a few obstacles in the way. I bet those same agencies still want their fee though!

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