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Topic: Ebay - unauthorized activity
Posted by: Delilah Hall
Date/Time: 10/10/15 23:15:00

Not only did someone hack into my Ebay account to attempt to sell a fancy camera (telephone call from Ebay this evening advising me they were suspicious and after confirming I was not selling anything they removed the listing and contacted the people who had bid on it)...

...but also, on checking my Hotmail account, I found someone had changed the setting so that any email that contained 'Ebay' within it was sent directly to my deleted folder, which explains why I did not pick up on the 7 emails that had been sent from both Ebay and from ebayers asking questions about the camera.

I do not tend to check my deleted folder that often.

I am more annoyed that the person responsible got into my Hotmail and changed stuff. What a cheek.

All passwords changed of course.

Grateful to Ebay for picking up on it - it had reached 680 so far. I suppose I would have had a listing and selling fee later on with no idea why :-(

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