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Topic: Human fouling of Stamford Brook Common
Posted by: Linda Leaney
Date/Time: 08/10/15 18:52:00

Sad to say someone has decided to defaecate early this morning in the border to the south western side of the Common. Before anyone suggests it's one of the  Pleydell Road foxes, it was definitely human as the person left slivers of used newspaper next to it as evidence.
This forum is not the place to make a general appeal not to repeat, I doubt the offender will read this. But any suggestions on what could  be done to avoid a recurrence gratefully received (maybe from others who've had similar misfortune in their own parks).
I'm a dog owner, but more concerned as a parent: any ball rolling into the border would be covered in human excrement.

And thanks to the early bird dog walker, who spotted this, and at least covered the site with as many tissues as he had in his pocket.

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