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Topic: FIFA latest
Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 02/10/15 21:54:00

So Coca-Cola along with McDonald's have said in seperate statements today calling for Seb Blatter to resign straight away.

Coca-Cola says it wants Sepp Blatter's resignation so that "credible and sustainable reform" can "begin in earnest".

McDonald's, meanwhile, says the removal of Blatter would be "in the best interest of the game".

The American drinks giant claims it is concerned that his presence within FIFA "continues to tarnish" football's governing body.

Blatter's US-based lawyer Richard Cullen has released a statement in reply with the following.

"While Coca-Cola is a valued sponsor of FIFA, Mr Blatter respectfully disagrees with its position and believes firmly that his leaving office now would not be in the best interest of FIFA nor would it advance the process of reform and, therefore, he will not resign."

This guy is like  "Rootin' Tootin' Putin",untouchable but that surely applies to one only.

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