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Topic: Block Salt water Softener
Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 29/09/15 13:23:00

I am trying to help an elderly lady whose Harvey water softener is not working. It was installed in 2008, serviced regularly until the cost became too much and not been working for a year. Apparently they only had a 5 year parts warranty.

The people who installed it were asked to come out and repair it and now I have a copy of what is proposed. They say they need to replace the following at a cost of 347.12

Resin vessels (pair) Resin Grade 400
Block Salt Service Kit (S?N 7001 to 15000
Meter Housing Kit (base)
Brine Valve Kit (short)
plus labour and call out

As my own Kinetico was installed in 2002 and I was shown how to service it occasionally myself, I am suspicious of all of this. She is a lady in her 90's and I get the feeling she is being taken for a ride. However, her water is very hard and strongly chlorinated so this is a must.

Anyone got any experience here?

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