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Topic: If you are parking at Tesco, King St...
Posted by: Steve Anderson
Date/Time: 28/09/15 18:21:00

A few weeks ago, we received a letter from Horizon Parking that our car had been parked illegally at Tesco, King St, Hammersmith. There was a CCTV image of the vehicle parked on the forecourt, but not inside a bay - a bit of a surprise as we have been customers since the store opened and had parked like this many times before. This was in "clear breach" of the signs on the forecourt, we were informed, so I drove to Tesco to check out the signs. For the first time ever, I did spot a sign stating "30 Minutes Free Parking". It was only on going close to this sign that I saw much smaller lettering underneath: "See signs for more details". I found one other sign (above the hole in the wall but often obstructed by delivery vehicles) that says a parking charge notice of 70 will be issued if "parked out of a marked bay". (There are three other ways drivers can incur this penalty, but too much detail for now...) I wrote back that I wasn't paying because the signs were not clear enough and that they had been introduced secretly, seeking to entrap motorists. Horizon Parking responded, asking for proof that we had shopped at Tesco, King St, that day. They got that in the form of a bank statement detailing how much we had spent there that day. Then - result! - "I can confirm the Parking Charge Notice has been cancelled in full and no further action will be required in regards to this matter."
Be warned...

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