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Posted by: Paul Wright
Date/Time: 24/09/15 23:15:00

You have no idea what my world view is. Narrow view of the world? Really. I have commented on several threads so you have an idea of 3 or 4 opinions that I hold. That, by no means, is the full story. As to whether they are logical thought out arguments I disagree with; I suspect many come from the pages of the Daily Mail or Telegraph and, yes, I question that they are based in reality and are a right ring press view of the world. I counter that your world view is blinkered by a strange self centered misguided assurance that you are morally and intellectually superior to the rest of us on here. I also deduce you live alone given your inability to understand and interact on a civil basis with many people on the forum. Question Time is rubbish. I'm watching Russell Howard.

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